#ChickLitMay A Scavenger Hunt

  (Part of the annual week-long celebration of joyful noise that is Chick Lit!) U is for Undaunted A Chick Lit heroine remains unstoppable throughout many unforeseeable circumstances, arriving at the end of the story undiminished—even if she started out undervalued, uprooted … Read More

Imagining #MrDarcy: The Faceless Man and the Book Cover

When other authors mention the name of someone they had in mind as Mr. Darcy while writing their Austen-inspired fiction, once in a while, I’m able to visualize their version of the hero while reading. It’s not easy. Otherwise, the … Read More


N is for NEVER. NEVER go anywhere without a book! For me that means any car ride whether shuttling my kids around or as a passenger on a long ride, public transportation including buses and airplanes, backpacking trips, beach or pool … Read More

Thanks for Sharing!

Eleventh in the series We Want More Austen! about the less-known works of Jane Austen. From a tender age Jane Austen had a gift for bringing us characters who expose their flaws through their own unreflecting utterances. Every time they … Read More

Shedding Some Light on Light Reading

“Northanger Revisited-2015” is my short story contribution to Meryton Press’s Sun-Kissed: Effusions of Summer, an anthology released at the beginning of Beach-Reading Season last year. Northanger Revisited is a modernized treatment of Austen’s classic Northanger Abbey that takes place on fictional Northanger … Read More

Party Time- Regency Style

  Road trip! Join me over at JustJane1813 as I help host the Netherfield Ball, i.e., Chapter 18 in Pride and Prejudice. This is part of Just Jane’s chapter-by-chapter group read of the Austen classic: the text of each chapter followed by … Read More

Side by Side, Apart Blog Tour

Ann Galvia’s debut novel, Side by Side, Apart goes on blog tour May 2-16.  Catch the tour stops to enter to win one of eight copies of the book, see what people are saying about the story, and catch exclusive … Read More

Oh, Just Get Over It Already!

Tenth in the series We Want More Austen! About the minor and youthful works of Jane Austen. It cannot be denied—the young Jane Austen was empathy-challenged. In her teenage stories she thought nothing of breaking the hearts of her characters, … Read More

5 Best Men’s Voices (British Edition)

So, about a year ago (has it been so long?) I posted a very subjective 5 Best List on the best men’s voices. There was dissent in the ranks (and how could there NOT be?) Some Anglophiles suggested a British actor or two—enough … Read More

A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes

By Anngela Schroeder Society has misinterpreted the intelligence of young girls.  It believes that Disney Princesses and their ‘love stories’ were detrimental to our development as independent, strong women because of the focus on them being “saved” by the princes.  … Read More

How Do You Take Your Retellings?

Writing a retelling, or a continuation story, or a variation, is hard work. First of all, you get the comments like, “can’t you come up with your own ideas?” This usually comes from non-creative types, so I’m just going to … Read More

Of Henrys and Elizas

Ninth in the series We Want More Austen! about the less-known works of Jane Austen. There are many great opening lines in literature, from “It is a truth universally acknowledged . . .” to “It was the best of times, … Read More

A Searing Acquaintance Blog Tour

A Searing Acquaintance, the debut novel from J. L. Ashton, is scheduled for a Blog Tour March 7-21. Tune in for reviews, guest posts, excerpts, and lots and lots of giveaways.     Blog Tour Schedule 3/7: Excerpt & Giveaway at My Jane Austen … Read More

Winners! Undeceived Blog Tour Giveaways

Winner, winner, chicken dinner! Here are the Undeceived Blog Tour Winners:   e-book: JV Ginna Irma J Dung   Paperback: Diana Doan Michelle Jolley Maria  Laura Dannenmueller Capio I believe Jakki Leatherberry has all the contact information for these folks now. Thanks … Read More

Austen Anti-Love Protest

What?!? Yep, you read it correctly. I’m going on an Austen Anti-Love protest. Okay, not really. I love romance as much as the next guy, but I decided that I wanted to turn the spot light from the popular love … Read More

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