Our authors are a talented group whose imaginations fill the pages of the library at Meryton Press and your own. Travel to the wilds of Regency Scotland, be a passenger on a lonely brigand-filled coach road in England, experience Depression Era Kentucky, visit contemporary Savannah, Georgia, or even follow a soldier onto the battlefields of World War I France. Our authors invite you into their worlds. Whether original fiction, sequels or classic novels, let us entertain you.

Amy George
Belén Paccagnella
CP Odom
Gail McEwen
Heather Moll
J Marie Croft
Kelly Miller
LS Parsons
Suzan Lauder
Ann Galvia
Brigid Huey
Cynthia Ingram Hensley
Gail McEwen and Tina Moncton
Helen Williams
Jessica Evans
Lewis Whelchel
Lucy Knight
Contributing Authors
Audrey Ryan
Catherine Lodge
Dee Wallain
Georgina Young-Ellis
Hunter Quinn
KC Kahler
Linda Beutler
Rachel Berman
Barry S. Richman
Clarisse Anne Scott
Don Jacobson
Grace Gibson
Jan Hahn
Kelly Dean Jolley
Linda Gonschior
								 			Robert W, Smith
Robert W. Smith