C. P. (Colin) Odom is a retired Electrical/Software Engineer born in Texas, raised in Oklahoma, and graduated from the University of Oklahoma. Sandwiched between the start and end of his collegiate studies was a stint in the U.S. Marine Corps, where he served as an instructor in cryptographic repair.

After graduation, Colin and his first wife, Margaret, moved to Tempe, Arizona, spending the next thirty-five years as an engineer for a large electronics firm while raising two now-grown sons. Always a voracious reader, Colin has admitted to having a serious book addiction problem. Luckily, he also learned a modicum of woodworking skills, which allowed him to build bookcases for housing this "addiction." His favorite genres were (and are) science fiction, historical fiction, and histories.

Colin came to Jane Austen rather later than most. Following Margaret's untimely death from cancer, he read through her well-worn copies of Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, Emma, and Persuasion. His liking for this new genre led to the discovery of a number of Jane Austen fan-fiction websites. After reading a number of well-written stories on those sites, Colin ventured to write an alternative version of Pride and Prejudice called A Most Civil Proposal, becoming his first published book from Meryton Press.

Colin currently lives in Chandler, Arizona with his second wife, Jeanine, their two daughters, two stubbornly untrainable dogs, and a pair of very strange cats. Books and reading remains a large part of his life, along with helping to raise their girls, following Oklahoma Sooner and ASU Sun Devil football as well as Formula One racing. Colin often states that "retirement is all that I hoped it would be," giving him time to work on a second book for Meryton Press, Consequences, also a Pride and Prejudice variation published in December of 2013.  Colin is currently working on Pride, Prejudice, and Secrets tentatively due out in late December 2014.

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  1. bev
    | Reply

    CONSEQUENCES was a treat, thank you C.P.Odem. I’m SO glad you created two short novels in one book
    because if there hadn’t been the Part II ‘Elizabeth Awakens’, I would have felt cheated by a gloomy down-beat
    story. Would have been left depressed, and this is not what I read Austen sequels for! The world is already
    gloomy enough.
    I will find “Secrets” now — and look forward to it.
    Thank you so much for “Consequences”

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