Lewis discovered JAFF while supposedly packing for a cross country flight in Dec 2001. He had literally stumbled across a website full of wonderful stories, some he still re-reads, and was reading them instead of packing (His wife yelled at him.).

Lewis began seriously writing in 2002 and was introduced to wonderful friends at that time who assumed the role of beta readers, advisers, and friends.

In 2003, Lewis met Debbie Styne and they have partnered on everything he has written since. In 2006 Debbie helped Lewis rewrite into their current form Dearly Beloved and Rocks in the Stream. Lewis was sad to see so many words get cut but feels that the final product makes it worthwhile.

Jane Austen Fan Fiction (JAFF) is his favorite genre of writing and reading. He feels healed and completed after reading books and stories. His Kindle account is full of published books and his word documents with stories that soothe him and keep him entertained, sometimes too late into the night. Lewis' favorite stories are ones he has read before and already know how they are going to end. This allows him to put away the suspense and “worry” about the result of the plot, and to concentrate on the beauty of the writing and the character develop and to really learn an author’s style of writing, and thereby enhance his own abilities.




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