We are currently accepting all romance genres and historical fiction.

Submissions should be in the range of 75,000 to 90,000 words. We will consider slightly shorter and longer works, but in no case shall works of more than 40 chapters be accepted. If your manuscript is longer, then you should edit it for content to reduce the length before submission. Manuscripts with excessive grammar and editing issues will not be considered. Make sure your work is critiqued and polished to the best of your ability prior to submitting.

We do not accept Erotica submissions. While sexual content is allowed, your story must stand on its own if the sex is omitted. We are looking for stories with a plot – a definite beginning, middle and an end – not stories with one sex scene after another. Sex in the stories must further the plot and be original; no purple prose will be accepted.

We will also not consider submissions that include any of the following themes: pedophilia, rape romance, incest, bestiality, or hate messages to any race, gender, religion or sexuality. This is not to say that no characters can display such characteristics, rather, they may not be the over-riding theme or message of your novel. We reserve the right to refuse submissions based on any other subject we deem inappropriate for our primary audience.

We are privately owned and to be frank, we publish what we like.


1.Email the first three chapters in MS Word or RTF Format to mpsubmissions2@gmail.com or mail a paper copy to: Meryton Press PO Box 34 Oysterville, WA 98641. You will receive an email acknowledging receipt within two-weeks of submission. Do not use BOTH submission methods.
2.Include in the body of the email: author bio, a synopsis of your book including a title, word count and genre.
3.Your manuscript must include Pen Name, Real Name, Mailing Address and Email contact information on the first page
4.Do not format your manuscript: No headers, footers, page numbers
5.Double space your submissions and include a page break before each new chapter
6.We do consider manuscripts that have been submitted to other publishers, but do us the courtesy of keeping us informed of its status. However, once your book is accepted and a signed contract is in place, Meryton Press retains exclusive rights to the book for the duration of the contract.
7.Neither title nor author name may be an exact copy to a current Meryton Press Author or Title.

We ask for your patience in waiting for our response. We do our best to respond within 2 months, but occasionally are unable to do so. Furthermore, if you would like your manuscript returned, please include an appropriately sized envelope with correct postage. If you would prefer we recycle your manuscript, please include this in your cover letter.

Don’t see the answer to your questions below, email us: mpsubmissions2@gmail.com

Will my book be edited?
Yes! Although we do expect your submission to be self-edited for grammar and spelling errors before submission, your book will be assigned to an editor who will work with you to polish it for publication. We do not change your story or your voice, but we do help you to improve it.

How long will it take for my book to be published if accepted?
Four to six months from contract to publication is a good rule of thumb, although depending on many other factors it could be faster or slower. When you sign a contract you are given a preliminary publishing schedule.

Can I use my own cover art?
No. It’s your job to convey your cover ideas to the graphic artist with clarity and as many details as you can imagine. Our artist will take your ideas and turn them into a cover that is satisfactory for our needs and your vision.

Will my book be in Print?
YES! Although, your book will also be released in eBook format, our primary focus is on printing trade paperbacks.

To see a sample of the standard Meryton Press contract please click on the PDF link below:

Model Contract


Contact mpsubmissions2@gmail.com