#MyPemberley: Eckstein Estate

Audrey Ryan's Pemberley - Eckstein Estate

from All the Things I Know
I imagined George Darcy, tech entrepreneur, made his millions through his own innovation and not inheritance. But, unlike other entrepreneurs in Seattle like Bill Gates, he eschewed rich gated communities like Medina when he struck it big and bought his “Pemberley” in a part of Montlake that edges north Capitol Hill and sits in the middle of vast public park called Interlaken. I envision the Darcy’s house nestled along the winding roads and bike trails; nearly completely concealed by trees from the road. This neighborhood is in close proxy to Capitol Hill’s Millionaire Row, but has the added advantage of a seemingly rural surrounding.
Captol Hill, Seattle, Washington circa 1910


  • Tucked along Interlake Dr E, this house can’t immediately be spotted from the road -- you have to know which long gravel driveway to turn up.
  • I picture the Darcy’s home to be similar to the Eckstein Estate, built in the early 1910s in Georgian revival style, but handsomely updated to be state of the art.
  • Since George Darcy’s death, the house has been unoccupied, but Darcy and Georgie both share ownership.

Fact Sheet

The fictional setting and actual settings are in Seattle, Washington

Location: Montlake, Seattle, WA in Interlaken Park

Architectural Style: Georgian revival

Size: 12,280 square feet

Fun Fact: Designed by Louis Mendel in 1914

Interlaken Park: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Interlaken_Park_(Seattle)

Eckstein Estate: https://tours.tourfactory.com/tours/tour.asp?t=1705827&idx=1


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3 Responses

  1. Glynis

    Lovely house and I certainly wouldn’t mind living there, but I don’t think it is big enough to be Pemberley. It could however be Darcy’s town house (although it isn’t actually in town by the looks of it but then, that’s what imagination is for)!
    By the way, in the first picture just how many candles were used? 😊😊

  2. Jan Hahn

    Interesting choice, Audrey! Living in the middle of a park sounds lovely. I’m sure Elizabeth would be in heaven with all the trees and green spaces.

  3. Suzan Lauder

    Nice house! I’m sure it would impress modern day Elizabeth well.