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This post was originally posted at More Agreeably Engaged on March 27, 2019.

I am happy to announce that Meryton Press has published its first audiobook. It has been an exciting few months of listening and getting everything ready for the audiobook release. My guest today is here to talk a little about the process and the selection of the narrator for the audio version of her book. Please welcome Jan Hahn.


I’m delighted that Meryton Press commissioned an audiobook release of my latest work, The Child. Thank you, Janet Taylor, for allowing me to announce it on your blog. I’m also grateful for Janet’s efforts to successfully guide me through the process of making an audiobook. I could not have done it without her. Together, we auditioned several engaging narrators from which she and I chose the perfect voice for my novel.

Neil Roy McFarlane lives in Wales, but he can read in various voices and dialects, even that of a toddler―essential for a book entitled The Child. I love the way he makes my Mr. Darcy come alive with a pleasing voice and a lovely accent. Here is a sample of The Child.

Besides narrating books for adults, Neil is a published writer of children’s literature and has released at least one children’s song of which I’m aware. If you feel like smiling, listen to “Boogie Woogie Monkey.” I found him easy to work with and willing to spend extra time to produce an audiobook that makes me proud. Neil has a great sense of humor, evidenced by how he can laugh at himself. He made a short blooper reel from The Child for us to enjoy. He calls the first one Romance Allergy and the last one is just Gaaaaaah!

When editing a book that I’m writing, part of the process involves reading it aloud to check the flow of words and phrases. I may be caught up in a deeply romantic mood while writing the words Darcy speaks to Elizabeth―picturing Colin Firth or Matthew MacFadyen, of course―and then I open my mouth to read and out comes this Texas twang. Bo-i-i-i-ng! Talk about shattering a mood. For a born and bred Texan, you can’t imagine the thrill I receive when I hear my words spoken in a British accent! Finally, my book sounds right―like I heard it in my head all along.

Currently, I’m working with the talented Leena Emsley on my next audiobook, The Journey. I can’t wait for you to hear her version of Nate Morgan, the handsome but dangerous highwayman who abducts Elizabeth and Darcy.

Now, how about you? Do you enjoy listening to books? When do you find the time? While driving? Doing housework? Ironing (heaven forbid!)? Or just sitting down with a nice cup of tea?


Will Darcy ever grow to love a child he never wanted?

In Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, Fitzwilliam Darcy’s proposal to Elizabeth Bennet at Hunsford is disastrous. In Jan Hahn’s The Child, Darcy flees England soon afterward, striving to overcome his longing for her. Upon his return two years later―while standing on the steps of St. George’s Church in Hanover Square―he spies the very woman he has vowed to forget. But who is the child holding her hand?

Darcy soon discovers that Elizabeth and her family are suffering the effects of a devastating scandal. His efforts to help the woman he still loves only worsen her family’s plight. His misguided pride entangles him in a web of falsehood, fateful alliances, and danger.

Will Elizabeth be able to forgive Darcy for his good intentions gone awry? And what effect will the child have on Darcy’s hopes to win Elizabeth’s love?

Thank you for stopping by and sharing our news. The audiobook of The Child is available at Don’t forget that the audiobook of Jan Hahn’s The Journey, will be released in the near future. At the time of release there will be an announcement on the Meryton Press Facebook page, as well as other social media. Other audiobooks, some future releases and some older, will be in the works in the coming months. Keep watching! 🙂