A Chance Eavesdropping by C. P. Odom

Meryton Press is happy to release C. P. Odom’s latest novel, A Chance Eavesdropping. It has been a long time coming due to various real-life impediments, but it is here now, and we hope everyone enjoys it. C. P. is … Read More

Social Anxiety and the Reality of Louisville JASNA

“Elizabeth could bear it no longer. She got up and ran out of the room…” “…Elizabeth was forced to put it out of her power by running away.” Years ago, I was a leader in my profession. I spoke at … Read More

“I enjoyed the sensiblity and cleverness…

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“I enjoyed the sensiblity and cleverness with which the story was unfolded, taking into acount the variation introduced, Lauder follows the lines of the original story, but makes it her own when she includes her own interpretations into the dialogue, … Read More

Gail McEwen’s latest novel, Stronger Even…

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Gail McEwen’s latest novel, Stronger Even Than Pride is projected to be published in March 2014. Here’s a look at the cover. Go to https://merytonpress.com/portfolio/stronger-even-than-pride/ to learn more about this upcoming tale based on Pride and Prejudice.

Consequences, the second novel by C P…

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Consequences, the second novel by C P Odom, an alternate variation of Pride and Prejudice, is now available in print on Amazon! Learn more at https://merytonpress.com/portfolio/consequences/ Consequences merytonpress.com Consequences is a cautionary tale about the evils of hasty judgment, revisiting … Read More

Read an excerpt from ‘Alias Thomas Bennet’…

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Read an excerpt from ‘Alias Thomas Bennet’ and what lead Suzan Lauder to imagine this alternate story for the beloved characters from ‘Pride and Prejudice’. There’s also still a chance to win a copy of ‘Alias Thomas Bennet’ at https://www.everythingbooksandauthors.com/1/post/2014/01/exclusive-excerpt-alias-thomas-bennet-by-suzan-lauder.html. … Read More