London Calling

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Part 3 of a 3-post blog series on my trip to England last month. Did you miss the other posts? Well, here they are: Part 1      Part 2 The last week of my trip to England was spent … Read More

A Cocktail for Mr. Bingley, or You Are What You Drink

Mr. Bingley’s Cocktail, or…You are what you drink. By Linda Beutler Now anyone who knows me well will tell you my unrepentantly lust-filled forays into Jane Austen Fan Fiction are in some part fueled by the occasional infusion of quantities … Read More

We Want More Austen! No. 2: The Watsons

The one awful thing about being a Jane Austen fan is that she only published six novels. But don’t despair, there is more Austen to love—and not just in the stories written by others! This is the second post in … Read More

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