One expects to be satisfied with an abundance of wealth, beauty and independence.

Beautiful and wealthy widow Cassandra, Lady Reddener has all she desires, yet she is painfully lonely. Her life has been that way for years, even within her marriage. Cassie’s only friend is gay neighbour Marcus Brand, Lord Broadmeade. When her sister Audra’s matchmaking friend Cecilia, Lady Hoxley and Cecilia’s outgoing brother Reeve Charington come to town, Cecilia matches Cassie’s sister Alexandra (Lexie) and Reeve, and Cassie becomes the chaperon for their meetings.

But Lexie and Reeve don’t get along, and Lexie states that Reeve is more suited to the compliant Cassie than the contrary Lexie—or is it her imagination? To top it off, Marcus has fallen in love, then disappeared after a molly house raid.

How will Marcus be discovered, and can he be saved from cruel judgement? Can Cassie reconcile her independence and act on the obvious attraction between her and Reeve? How will they break the news to Cecilia, whose matchmaking skills have already suffered an error? This is Book Two in the Cecilia’s Mismatches Series, but it is a stand-alone novel and has a complete story of its own.

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