The beautiful and perfect widow Lady Reddener lives an admirable life. With an estate in the country, a house in town, and a considerable fortune, the former Miss Cassandra Hales has no need for a husband to complicate her days. Why does she need a man? She has her mama and sisters, as well as her best friend and neighbour, Marcus Brand, Lord Broadmead. One and all proclaim Cassie the very picture of serenity.

However, Cecilia, Lady Hoxley, matches Cassie’s vibrant and argumentative sister Miss Alexandra “Lexie” Hales with Cecilia’s own brother, the gentle yet charming Mr. Reeve Charington. Thus, Cassie finds herself in the position of chaperon while they court. What is she to do when their constant interactions draw her towards Reeve’s allurement? Meanwhile, Lexie wishes for a husband who will challenge her in debate, and Mr. Charington seeks harmony. A problem indeed!

When Marcus and Reeve go missing, Cassie’s calm world collapses, and she’s faced with her true passion for Reeve. But could it be too late?

If Reeve and Marcus are found, Cassie must discover whether Reeve shares her admiration. Can Cassie allow herself love when she has sworn herself to a life without a man? What will Cecilia say if another of her matches goes awry?

Book Two of the Cecilia’s Mismatches series is a stand-alone novel.

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