One would think it would be easy being a romantic who reads too many gothic tales.

Audra Hales listens to others in regard to her life choices, yet she yearns for drama. She idolizes her best friend, Cecilia, Lady Hoxley, who married well and thus fancies herself a matchmaker. Cecilia’s choice for Audra is Lord Garner Tremaine, the second son of the Duke of Alderton, and they will meet whilst visiting Bath. Unfortunately, Audra discovers that Lord Garner has an annoying older brother, Everett Tremaine, the Marquess of Vernon, who she keeps encountering at difficult times. His dark eyes express a feeling she wants to notice, yet avoid. Lord Garner is a bit of a self-interested fop, yet Cecilia assists Audra in the match by pushing them together.

Did Lord Vernon murder the mysterious actress Terezinia, whose love letters Audra found in his chambers? Is the old Duke as mad as they say? Who is the lady relative from Germany, and how does she fit into the mystery? It is almost like a gothic novel! Audra had best watch herself in case her imagination takes away her chance at love! But which gentleman deserves her? What would Cecilia recommend?

This is Book One in the Cecilia’s Mismatches Series, but it is a stand-alone novel and has a complete story of its own.

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