Miss Alexandra Hales is much too clever, and more comfortable with her role as the steward for her sister and brother-by-marriage than as a lady enjoying the London Season. Lexie has no need for a husband. After all, what gentleman would accept her as she is? But when Cecilia, Lady Hoxley, pairs her with long-time friend and neighbour Lord Catlin at her sister Cassandra Charington’s summer house party, she finds herself obligated to consider him as a potential husband. At the same time, the enigmatic and disreputable Lord Remington has insulted her not once, but twice! He is a disagreeable man indeed!

When she and Lord Remington happen upon each other in the garden one evening, an argument ensues, which is to be expected, but all changes when the rake kisses her. What a kiss! Yet what about Cecilia’s plans to match her with the likeable yet brotherly Lord Catlin? She has told all and sundry about the match, but can she love him?

For the first time, a quandary lies before her too complex for her reasoning. What is Lexie to do?

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