One who is disinterested in being matched should be allowed her intellectual interests.

Cecilia, Lady Hoxley considers Alexandra Hales destined to be on the shelf, so she has convinced Lexie’s married sister Cassie Charington to hold a summer house party to find a match for Lexie. A score of eligible gentlemen have been invited, and the match for Lexie is one of her old friends James Whitley, Lord Catlin, a Black neighbour who is handsome, wealthy, and kind.

At the last minute, a new man arrives: known rake Julian Lange, Lord Remington. When  Remy insults Lexie and called her—gasp—a bluestocking, her sharp tongue will not let the insult stick, though, and an attraction builds from their verbal sparring. Lexie is eventually torn between the two men. However, when James is falsely accused of murder, she and all the gentlemen rally to have him exonerated.

Which man is the best match for Lexie and what will Cecilia think of her choice? Will James be freed or will his colour prejudice his case? What will Lexie’s role be in the case? Will Remy be a helpmate or a hindrance?

This is Book Three in the Cecilia’s Mismatches Series, but it is a stand-alone novel and has a complete story of its own.

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