When secrets are revealed and a family agenda works against him, how is Fitzwilliam Darcy to recover his spirits and find happiness?

Following his disastrous proposal to Elizabeth Bennet, Fitzwilliam Darcy returns from Kent broken-hearted and dejected. One bright spot penetrates his sea of despair: his sister, Georgiana, has finally recovered her spirits from the grievous events at Ramsgate the prior summer. Georgiana has forged a new friendship with Miss Hester Drake, a lady who appears to be an ideal friend for his sister. In fact, unbeknown to Darcy, Lady Matlock believes Miss Drake is his perfect match.

When Elizabeth Bennet arrives from Kent at her uncle’s home in London, her sister Jane remains despondent over her abandonment by Mr. Bingley. Elizabeth realizes she has information that might bring Mr. Bingley and her sister together. She convinces her Uncle Gardiner to write a letter to Mr. Bingley giving him key facts supplied to her by Mr. Darcy.

What will Bingley do upon learning that his friend and sisters colluded to keep Jane’s presence in London from him? Given the chance, will Darcy and Elizabeth overcome their past misunderstandings? What will Darcy do when his own dear sister becomes an obstacle to getting the lady he loves?

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