Barry S. Richman, a military veteran and corporate logistics professional, was recuperating at home after having his wisdom teeth extracted in 2003. He picked up a copy of Pride & Prejudice and has yet to put it down.

Over the next two decades, he would consume thousands of P&P variation stories. His wife, watching him complete a book every other day, suggested he write one. He dismissed the thought, as he had no time. Then COVID hit.

In the tumult caused by the pandemic, he lost his job, he and his wife sold their primary residence, and changed their lives, “retiring” early to their house in his wife’s country of birth. He endured the side-effects of the coronavirus vaccine, surviving a dreadful medical scare, which forced him to change his diet, rely on medical science to regulate his health, and upgrade his daily exercise routine.

Now, Barry walks an hour or more each day on a soft track, with his headphones connected to his cell phone, a YouTube app blaring random pop/rock playlists into his ears while he rambles around the neighborhood park mentally writing the answers to his ‘What If’ questions concerning canon Pride & Prejudice.

Barry currently lives in his seaside home in southwestern Turkey with his “Jane Bennet” wife of thirty years.  

Doubt Not, Cousin is his 1st book.