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Elizabeth Bennet’s life is uncomplicated until a quartet of new men move into the neighbourhood: the haughty but handsome Mr. Darcy, the pert-with-a-pout Mr. Bingley, the confident and captivating Mr. Wickham—and then there is her father’s cousin, the happy man towards whom almost every female eye has turned.

Mr. Collins is HOT (well, incredibly handsome in Regency-speak). Not one of the other three men—or any other man she has ever met—is as beautiful of face, fine of figure, or elegant of air as he is, and his perfect clothing and hair match his Greek god-like form. The man has just one flaw—when he opens his mouth, Elizabeth wishes he was mute.

Mr. Collins is one of the silliest men in England, yet he is well aware of his good looks and their effect on women. With a combination of affected servility and prideful self-conceit, he capitalizes upon his attractive appearance. Every word out of Mr. Collins’s mouth shows his massive ego, and that ego is fixed on Jane Bennet as a bride. Despite Mr. Collins’s exquisite appearance, Jane prefers Mr. Bingley.

Can Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy form an alliance to stop Jane’s two suitors from issuing challenges to each other? How will Elizabeth avoid her mother’s wish to match her with her physically attractive but weak-headed cousin? And how many smiles can Elizabeth coax from Mr. Darcy’s solemn expression?

Bestselling Regency romance author Suzan Lauder delivers a hilarious Austen-ish romance suitable for all readers of Pride and Prejudice.

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