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Do you love a good fantasy novel? How about one with romance and adventure? That’s the winning combination for Brigid Huey’s The Foll Stones, and it will not disappoint. It is exciting and fun with much to discover in the fascinating world of Terratalam. Let’s go for a quick visit.


A land of myth and legends. . .

A world out of balance. . .

And a last hope to heal an ancient pain.

Cleona Willow is more than ready for college. Though it means leaving her best friend Brian behind, studying in Ireland is her dream. She longs to explore the land her grandmother knew so well, but leaving Brian is harder than she would like to admit.

Two worlds collide when a necklace left to Cleona by her grandmother magically pulls her and Brian to Terratalam, a world apart from their own—and a world out of balance. It rains nearly every day, the crops barely produce, and kingdoms wage war. The Great Tree, Terratalam’s fabled life force, was destroyed so long ago that only stories and legends remain.

Navigating the secrets of the past and their growing feelings for each other, Cleona and Brian must unite the mythical Foll Stones and heal the land. If they fail, what will become of Terratalam—and what will become of them?

From the Author

The Foll Stones is a fantasy romance, a very different genre from what I’ve written previously. In truth, however, this was one of the first stories I ever completed. I’ve been thinking about these characters and their journey since at least 2009! The root of this story comes from my love of the natural world, and my relationship with my grandmother. In The Foll Stones, The Great Tree is the most important magical element. I’ve always felt a connection with nature, and I wanted to share that passion in a story with dynamic characters in a classic quest to save the world.

The world of Terratalam is a creation of my mind, but it is heavily influenced by my love of Ireland and the British Isles. My maternal grandmother lived with us when I was growing up. She was from Northern Ireland, and being Irish was part of our shared identity. She was a great storyteller, and I remember listening to her tales of life in Ireland when she was young. This story was inspired by her, and her unfailing faith that I would “turn out well.”

I feel almost as if my characters are dear friends, and I am so excited to share them with you! Cleona’s dedication and unwavering loyalty, Brian’s caring nature and quick mind, Aine’s fierce, loving heart, Wren’s solid dependability, and Crispa’s quiet power all come together in a story that is as much adventure as it is romance. There is magic, strange worlds, and best of all, a happy ending. I hope you enjoy it!

I loved reading about your grandmother, Brigid. That is such a neat story, and it sounds like the two of you were close. My belief is that she would be pleased with how you “turned out.” I bet she would love The Foll Stones.

Now it’s time to sneak a peek at the world she inspired, the magical world of Terratalam, and to meet the characters.

To see The Great Tree, take a look at the full wrapper.

There are a few subtle images on the cover and their significance will be revealed when reading the story. Can you guess the characters’ names from reading the blurb?
We hope you enjoy this book as much as we did. It’s a story that makes the reader feel good in the end.

Brigid shares an excerpt with us to give a little hint about what’s inside. Are you ready?


There was another loud clap of thunder, and then several things happened at once.

The tornado sirens went off, her mother called frantically from downstairs, and
Cleona’s door slammed with a bang. But above all that, she could hear something else.
There were two voices, one deep and raspy, the other clear and feminine, calling out
above the rain. They were chanting—almost singing— but Cleona couldn’t understand
the words.
“I usaid an chumhacht seo,
Chun teacht ar cad a lorg i.
No chtann an suiomh
Na cloiche!”
“What!?” Cleona shrieked. Her heart was pounding in her throat. Where the hell is that
coming from?
“Cleona!” It was Brian that responded, from behind her bedroom door.
“Brian?” She tried the handle, but it wouldn’t budge. “Brian! Quit messing around, we
have to go downstairs!”
“I’m not doing anything—the door is stuck!”
The sirens wailed and Cleona’s panic rose. She pounded frantically on the door with
her fists, but it wouldn’t move. “Brian, stand back, I’m going to try and kick it in!” But he
didn’t answer. She called his name again. Nothing.
And then, so faintly at first so that it took Cleona a moment to notice, her necklace
began to glow. She felt the heat of it prick her skin as it smoldered a deep, beautiful
brown. She gasped, staring in wonder. It was much brighter now than it had been when
she’d unlocked the box earlier. It was almost too brilliant to look at.
The sound of rushing wind brought her back to the danger at hand, and she threw
herself against the door with all her might. It opened as if it had never been locked.
Cleona stumbled forward and found herself knee-deep in foliage. She sucked in a
sharp breath. Tall, ancient-looking trees surrounded her, and soft, damp ferns carpeted
the ground as far as she could see. The forest around her was blanketed in stillness.
She turned slowly with a sense of dread, but her bedroom had vanished with the storm.
Cleona stood panting, staring wildly around at the dank forest. She must be
dreaming. This seemed a lot like the forest from her nightmare. Maybe she had fallen
back to sleep? She started pinching her own arm, but nothing changed.
It began to drizzle, and something inside her twisted. Where the hell was she? And
where was Brian? Hesitantly, she called for him, but the forest gave no answer. Not
knowing what else to do, she began to walk.
Cleona wandered through the growing dark of the forest, becoming more miserable
with each squelchy step. There was no path to follow, and her feet were caked with
mud. Walking barefoot over the uneven, rocky ground was downright painful. Now and
then she called for Brian, but the only answer she received was the occasional noise of
a small animal, which was not the least bit comforting. The forest was old—ancient,
judging by the size of the trees—and dense with underbrush. She couldn’t see very far
ahead but kept going nonetheless.
Damp ferns brushed against her legs as she walked. They looked like the wood ferns
from home, but this forest was nothing like the New England woods she was used to.
The trees were shorter than oaks and birches, but much thicker; there was no way she
could wrap her arms around their trunks.
Her foot snagged on a hidden root and she stumbled forward, her shoulder brushing
against a huge shelf fungus growing on the side of a nearby tree. It left a bright orange
streak on her shirt, and Cleona fervently hoped the spores weren’t poisonous. She
picked up a handful of wet leaves from the forest floor and tried to wipe away the ginger
smear, but it stubbornly remained. After a while, she noticed a cluster of slightly smaller
trees butting up to a small rocky outcrop. It seemed like a good place to take shelter
from the unceasing drizzle and wind. Cleona approached the overhang wearily and
stepped incautiously into the small clearing—which just happened to be occupied.

What do you think? Would you like to read more? Brigid will be sharing a few more excerpts in the coming days and visiting a few blogs. We invite you to follow along and step inside the world that is Terratalam.

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  1. Elizabeth

    I’m so excited about this! And I’m so happy to see Crispa on the cover. She’s one of my favorite characters.

    • Meryton Press

      I love Crispa too. She is a neat character. I’ve been excited for this one to be out in the world! 🙂

    • Brigid Huey

      Thank you!! I have a special place in my heart for Crispa. She’s the best.

  2. Kelly Miller

    Congratulations and best wishes for your new release, Brigid!

    • Meryton Press

      Kelly, thank you for stopping by and supporting Brigid. We appreciate you. I think you will like this story.

    • Brigid Huey

      Thank you so much Kelly!

  3. Jan Hahn

    Congratulations, Brigid, for striking out in a new genre! I hope you have great success, and the cover is lovely. Not sure who the fairy-like character is, but she’s as cute as Tinker Bell.

    • Meryton Press

      Hi Jan! We’re glad you like the cover. It is a fun and magical cover! Isn’t the little fairy cute? If you read Elizabeth’s post, she gives the name of the fairy. She is one of her favorite characters. Elizabeth was the editor of this book. 🙂

    • Brigid Huey

      Thanks so much Jan! I am so excited for this story to be out in the world!

  4. Glory

    Congratulations on the new book. Looks like it could be very interesting & I wonder how things will turn out.

    • Meryton Press

      We hope you will give it a chance and read The Foll Stones. Thanks for stopping by.

    • Brigid Huey

      Thank you Glory! I do hope you read it. If you love romance and adventure, this could be a great fit for you 🙂

  5. Betty Campbell Madden

    I am eager to read this book.

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      We’re glad to hear it, Betty. Good luck with the giveaway.

    • Brigid Huey

      Thank you Betty! I hope you love it!

  6. Suzan Lauder

    That’s an exciting place to leave it! I’ve read some fantasy JAFF, so I’m inclined to be interested in this book. Good luck with its release, Brigid!

    • Meryton Press

      I think you would like this one, Suzan. It’s a good story in a fascinating world. Thanks for stopping by.

    • Brigid Huey

      Thank you Suzan! If you liked the fantasy JAFF, you’ll like this one. It’s plot is adventurous, but always about love. Because that’s what I like!

  7. J. W. Garrett

    This sounds interesting. It captured all the emotions, visual, sensory, and tactile in its descriptions. Congratulations on the launch of this new book. Good luck to all in the drawing

    • Meryton Press

      Thank you for commenting, Jeanne. We’re happy to know you think it sounds interesting. Your description is an apt one for the book. It is an excellent story.

  8. Kate Burlakoff

    I loved other books by Brigid and I’m excited about this release. Beautiful cover, congratulations. Thanks for the giveaway

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      Hi Kate, we’re glad you stopped by. It’s so nice to hear you are excited about this release and that you loved Brigid’s other books! You will love this one too! Good luck with the giveaway.