Santa Press Advent Calendar

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Everyone at Meryton Press decided to add some extra cheer and a little fun to the season of giving. An Advent Calendar is our way of saying “Thank You” to all of you readers for your wonderful support of our authors and their books. We hope you will join us and enjoy the discovery of what is behind each door of the month. Be sure to stop by Christmas Day and enter for a chance to win the Grand Prize.

Visit the Meryton Press Blog each day to open a new door and reveal the surprise for that day.

From our houses to yours, we wish you all Happy Holidays!

door-Day 1
door-Day 2
door-Day 3
door-Day 4
door-Day 5
door-Day 6
door-Day 7
door-Day 8
door-Day 9
door-Day 10
door-Day 11
door-Day 12
door-Day 13
door-Day 14
door-Day 15
door-Day 16
door-Day 17
door-Day 18
door-Day 19
door-Day 20
door-Day 21
door-Day 22
door-Day 23
door-Day 24
door-Day 25

14 Responses

  1. Suzan Lauder
    | Reply

    This is a really fun activity to celebrate Advent and MP books!

    • Meryton Press
      | Reply

      It is fun, and we’re glad you like it.

  2. Hi, thanks for the advent calendar. Is the book behind door number 4 (My Mr. Darcy & Your Mr. Bingley by Linda Beutler) free for UK readers too? It’s showing as £6.55 on Amazon UK kindle today

    • Meryton Press
      | Reply

      Yes, it is supposed to be free on Amazon UK too. I just checked, and it is showing free now. Have you been able to get it?

  3. I’ve tried and tried to get an entry in for day 7 but the comments are really hard to get working on the site 🙁 Can you enter me for Silver Buckles by Grace Gibson, please? Thanks

    • Meryton Press
      | Reply

      You are entered. The issue with the comments has to do with the music. To get the music to stop playing when you close the popup window, the developer made a special plugin for the music. It causes the screen to refresh, and it does the same thing with all the comment fields. After the 25th, that plugin will be disabled. and everything should go back to normal. Thank you for your patience. We hope the fun of the calendar is worth the inconvenience.

  4. Day 10 free book Kindle UK £6.02

    • Meryton Press
      | Reply

      Stella, it is free now. I’m not sure why the eBooks are being a little slow to post free on UK Amazon. This isn’t the first time, is it?

      • Thanks. No, it’s not the first time, it’s every book since the start. Today’s day 11 book is £5.14 on Kindle UK.

        • Meryton Press
          | Reply

          It’s definitely an Amazon issue, sadly, and nothing we can do on our end.

  5. tgruy
    | Reply

    Thanks! This was a lot of fun!

    • Meryton Press
      | Reply

      We are happy that you enjoyed it and appreciate you for joining us in the fun. Thank you for your support! We wish you much joy today and in the coming year!

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