A pact that will change lives.

A younger brother and a barrister, Fitzwilliam Darcy’s life is planned out. His uncle has even selected a bride for him, sight unseen, whom he’ll meet and marry upon her majority. So, when he makes the acquaintance of Miss Elizabeth Bennet in Meryton, Mr. “Fitz” Darcy is cautious not to inspire her hopes, despite a strong mutual attraction between them.

In the meantime, Elizabeth has yet to find that she too has been promised by her late father into a marriage against her wishes since she always hoped to marry for love.

Fitzwilliam’s brother George, the master of Pemberley, is a known womanizer, a gamester, and the best friend of Mr. George Wickham. Fitzwilliam intends to warn Elizabeth of their dastardly characters, but instead, his rake of a brother proceeds to court Miss Elizabeth.

When Elizabeth discovers Mr. George Darcy’s scandalous plans as well as the forced marriage, how will Elizabeth cope? Can the barrister become the husband of her choice? Will the initial attraction between her and Fitzwilliam flourish despite the dangers of duels and deceit? Will she become the barrister’s bride?

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