Returning from Rosings shortly after Mr Darcy’s disastrous proposal,
Elizabeth is suddenly afflicted by an unknown illness. She is left
bedridden and must face the prospect of being an invalid for the rest
of her life. After Mr Darcy learns of her fate through a chance
encounter at Pemberley, he hastens back to Hertfordshire where he
finds Elizabeth much recovered, but with her health still ruined.
Undaunted, Mr Darcy is determined to prove that he loves her still and
that his wishes are unchanged. But can Elizabeth commit herself? Can
she allow herself to love when her fate is so uncertain? Is she brave
enough to embrace happiness, however fleeting it may prove to be?

In this story, follow Elizabeth, Mr Darcy and all of the familiar
characters as they attempt to come to terms with Elizabeth’s illness,
the effect it has upon their lives and their relationships with one
another. Discover whether Mr Darcy can prove to Elizabeth that she
need not simply surrender to her fate. And see how love and devotion
can sustain us even through the most desperate of circumstances.

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