She staggered a great man. He was reeling. She was overwhelmed. 

Fitzwilliam Darcy, standing irritably at the edge of the Meryton assembly, declines to dance with Elizabeth Bennet. In a mood of revulsion, he rejects her without concern of being overheard. Country pretensions are always in need of squashing, and what better way to make clear he would not partner anyone outside his party? However, when he looks over at her, she does not appear humbled at all. She is secretly laughing at him!

Elizabeth is perversely delighted to encounter such an outrageous snob as Mr. Darcy. When he approaches her with a stiff, graceless apology, she coolly brushes him off, believing that, like most annoyances, he will go away when properly snubbed. But no! The man then puts out his hand and, not wishing to create a scene, compels her to stand up with him.

They go through the steps of the dance mutually disdainful and intent upon wounding each other. But by the time the musicians end their tune, Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy have traded barbs with such accuracy, they are unaccountably amused and engaged. Will this most inconvenient flirtation drive them apart—or, like silver buckles, are they a matched pair?


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  1. November 2021
    | Reply

    Oh was für eine wunderschöne Geschichte 💫ich habe jedes Wort genossen und jede Wendung hat die Spannung erhöht. Ich konnte es nicht aus der Hand legen und war traurig, als ich es zu Ende gelesen hatte. So schön 😊 Ich werde es auf jeden Fall noch oft lesen.

    • Meryton Press
      | Reply

      Computer translated –
      Oh what a beautiful story 💫 I enjoyed every word and every phrase added tension. I couldn’t put it down and was sad when I finished reading it. So beautiful 😊 I will definitely read it often in the future.

      We are thrilled to read that you felt Silver Buckles was such a beautiful story. I agree with you! We all hope Grace Gibson will have another book soon! 🙂

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