A month to find a marriage partner!

Mr. Darcy knows what he wants in a wife, but he lost his chances with Miss Elizabeth Bennet at Hunsford. With a general sense of malaise in his usually amiable yet stately demeanour, the Fitzwilliam family agrees that Darcy is lonely—he needs a wife. Darcy’s cousins are able to convince him to join the London Season for one month, and to dance with the ladies they pick out for him. Surely he’ll find the right lady.

Chaos has erupted at Longbourn, and Mr. Bennet has changed. Jane and Elizabeth have been given a gift of a month of the Season in town, complete with all the accoutrements. Meanwhile, Elizabeth has pored over Mr. Darcy’s letter from Hunsford and wonders where he is.

It’s only a matter of time before the two meet again. Will it be another disaster, or can they overcome their tenuous history while at a social event, surrounded by their London families? Can Elizabeth’s credentials pass the stringent tests of the Fitzwilliam cousins? Will Mr. Darcy be able to win Elizabeth’s love while he’s directed to every earl’s daughter in the room?

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