In the fall of 2017, Anne Elliot, the second daughter of the megachurch pastor, Walter P. Elliot, has finally been allowed to create a plan to solve her family’s financial woes by making a deal that hands over the reins of Let the Redeemed Holiness Church (LRHC) and its pastoral home to a new pastor and first lady.

To her joy and dismay, Anne discovers that the new pastor’s wife is the sister of her broken hearted ex-fiancé, Freddie (Blu) Wentworth, a preacher’s son, a struggling musician,  and ladies’ man, who she rejected ten years earlier based on the advice of her family that convinced her that Freddie was not marriage material for her or any pastor’s daughter.

Running into, a now romantically stable and musically successful Freddie during the 2017 Christmas Season at her in-laws’ house, Anne is confronted by an seething Freddie who seemingly wants nothing to do with her except to enact revenge on her sway-able heart by pursuing a relationship with one of her friends.

As any possible hope for forgiveness slips away along with her belief in love, Anne meets a new man, Gregory Elliott, whom her family loves, but whom she slowly begins to find suspicious.  This apprehension will cause Anne to confront the dilemma of whether, again, she will be persuaded to follow the advice of others when it comes to love or to trust, finally, the murmurings of her own heart.

Persuaded is an African American modern retelling of Jane Austen’s classic romantic novel, Persuasion. The book will appeal to all fans of Jane Austen Fan Fiction as well as all African American/ Christian romantic readers who want an honest, yet somewhat humorous discussion about the responsibilities and superficial pressures that the church places on  preacher’s kids, while failing to discuss the profoundness of love and sex.

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