“There are many stories about that old place.”

“What kind of stories? I hope no one thinks it is haunted!”

“Quite the opposite; many say the cottage is enchanted.”

Tragedy at Longbourn forces Elizabeth Bennet to go into service and with the help of her Aunt Gardiner, finds work in Lambton. She arrives in Derbyshire shortly after Pemberley was destroyed by a raging fire, nearly killing Fitzwilliam Darcy. His face is left scarred and he can barely walk; wallowing in his guilt and rage, he is drunk most days. He is disconsolate until he encounters an intelligent, caring woman who was working at Pembrook Cottage as a maid.

Darcy gradually falls in love with Elizabeth and proposes but his self-reproach over the destruction of his family home renders him unable to express his feelings for her. As weeks pass, she can no longer remain near the man she loves, a man who shows her no affection. She makes plans to leave the county rather than have her heart irrevocably broken.

In this story of disaster and recovery, can Darcy and Elizabeth find the happiness they both seek?

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