#JurassicAusten Encyclopedia

Now that all Jurassic Austen characters have been catalogued, we have this handy digital encyclopedia of sorts including them all.  Click on the image below to see the whole collection in one place.

As a reminder, there are 13 individual posts in the series including this one.  If you leave a comment on any of them, you will be entered to #win a Meryton Press book of your choice from our published books.  Each comment on each post will be counted as an entry to improve your chances.  As long as the comment doesn’t resemble spam, it will be accepted. It could be a simple expression of amusement or a witty Austenosaur name suggestion or anything in between. Convenient links have been included in the ‘encyclopedia’  above or you can visit the links below. Entries are open until Wednesday, June 17.
June 5
Intro: KC Kahler: Hunkasaurus pemberlii

June 10
Morning: KC Kahler: Maternosaurus vulgaris
Afternoon: Beau North: Avaricium hypochondrius
Night: Jessica Evans: Siblioraptor wantonus

June 11
Morning: KC Kahler: Diplosororia dramatis

June 12
Morning: KC Kahler: Nauticolophus fidelum 
Afternoon/Night: Linda Beutler: Primary dinosaur species of the Rosings biome

June 13
Morning: KC Kahler: Novellalectora ingenuus
Afternoon/Night: Linda Beutler: Denizens of the Hunsford Tar Pits

June 14
Morning: Karen M. Cox: Knightleysaurus gallantum and his wonderful darling friend
Afternoon: Karen M Cox: TyrannoNorris acribum
Night: KC Kahler: Bellopteryx sorori

6 Responses

  1. Paige

    This Jurrasic Austen Encyclopedia is fabulous! The posts have all been so clever!

    • Meryton Press

      Our lovely writers of fiction had a great time exercising their wits on this project. We’re glad that it met it’s purpose to entertain you.

  2. Lúthien84

    Thanks for listing the posts in this page. I’m off to visit and learn about this new species that I have not heard of before.

    • Meryton Press

      If you find other species, let us know!

  3. tgruy

    This is hilarious!!! I didn’t have the time before to see them but they are great!!! Someone has to notify the appropriate researchers.

    • Meryton Press

      Sadly, they won’t take us seriously.