The Sweetest Ruin: A Cover Story

I always consult the author before I start any book cover, and this was particularly important for The Sweetest Ruin since it would be my first “modern” cover in seven years. Most of the book takes place in Las Vegas, so I wasn’t surprised that her suggestion was to use the iconic Las Vegas sign. I quickly realized that more would be needed to keep the book from looking like a travelogue!

The story actually takes place in two interesting places—Las Vegas and London—so I decided to include images from both. I happily found this gorgeous photo of Westminster with the Big Ben tower and lights reflected in the Thames. It seemed to accentuate the contrast between the two cities. (I also had a photo of the Vegas sign lit up at night, but I saved that one for the back cover!)


Next came the real challenge—especially for someone with zero talent in graphic art!—the famous lovers of this Pride and Prejudice variation. My solution: when you can’t draw, use silhouettes! In at least two occasions in the story, our hero lifts Elizabeth in his arms, and that image seemed to stick with me. It also evokes the idea of “carrying the bride over the threshold,” another iconic image for Las Vegas and its quickie-wedding chapels!


The last piece was really an afterthought since I had a mass of empty sky above the London scene, so I emphasized the two-city romance with flags of both countries. This tale of two cities was also incorporated in the typefaces: one neon-like, and the other a more classical script. And it’s a wrap! Unbelievably, the author accepted my montage with zero changes; I nearly fainted.


Just released, The Sweetest Ruin, by Amy George, is available on Kindle and Paperback on Amazon.


When William Darcy suffers a sudden health crisis, he immediately realizes two things: his sister will continue to nag him about his nonexistent social life, and he won’t stand for it. How can he possibly escape Georgiana’s good intentions or the watchful gaze of Aunt Catherine, his assigned babysitter? Cue a midnight getaway to the tackiest place he can think of. Lounge singers, booze, and women of loose moral fiber—Las Vegas, here he comes!

Elizabeth Bennet lives a quiet life as a UNLV student and a popular cocktail waitress in one of the nicer casinos in town. Though content to see her best friend, Thad, in a blissfully happy relationship, she has no desire to complicate her own life with what will undoubtedly result in a broken heart. Then she serves a drink to a devastatingly handsome Englishman, and all bets, as they say, are off.

This is a modern what-if of Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice. It is intended for an adult audience.






7 Responses

  1. Glynis

    I love this cover and I loved the storyline so much that I bought this as soon as I saw it was available.
    I’m just over halfway through it and I absolutely adore both Darcy and Elizabeth in this version.
    I always like it when they get together from the start so that’s another reason I love this book.
    I’m thinking I’ve gushed enough now and in any case I want to get back to reading………..!

    • Meryton Press

      Love this! Thanks for sharing your experience with us. 🙂

    • Amy George

      I’m so glad you are liking the book! That’s the best news I’ve had today!

      • Glynis

        Thanks Amy. May I say I really loved this book. It was a definite five stars in my Amazon review and it has joined my list of must read many times books 😍 🙂

  2. Suzan Lauder

    This is a lively cover and works very well to entice the reader and to give appropriate hints of what’s in the book. I love reading about how each component came together! Thanks!

  3. Janet T

    I love this cover and the story of how it came to be! Great job, Ellen, especially since you got it right, on the first go! 🙂 The flags and the landmarks were the first things I noticed and really liked that touch. The fonts, everything about the cover is appealing. The back cover is the perfect ending. This makes me want to know more about what is on the inside!

  4. Sheila L. Majczan

    This is a book that I will definitely read…and soon. Sounds very intriguing. The cover is perfect. Thanks for sharing.