Talking About: The Muse


The Muse by Jessica Evans, published December 9, 2014,  just finished a successful Blog Tour.

Here’s what some reviewers had to say:

I loved this book. It is one of the best P&P stories I have read this year. It is a flawless blend of brilliant new ideas and everything I loved from the original Jane Austen. It made me laugh out loud with shocked, horrified humor more than once, but also made me sigh at some lovely moments of pure sweetness.
Natalie, Songs & Stories

I truly think that this book is one of the best modern P&P adaptation I’ve came across over the years. in a nut shell – I highly recommend for all you L&D lovers to read this fantastic tale. you won’t be disappointed.

Kiti, Amazon

The Muse is an excellent read! I would highly recommend it!
Candy, So Little Time…

Evans’ take on Pride and Prejudice is a breath of fresh air in the realm of retellings, with just the right amount of drama, sex, and misunderstanding.

Anna, Diary of an Eccentric

I loved this book sooooo much!!
Margie L, Goodreads