Talking About Sun-Kissed

Sun-Kissed: Effusions of Summer is the perfect collection for relaxed summer reading on the go. This collection of stories has people talking about how much it fits their summer fun.  Here’s what they have to say:


This is a perfect summer read to carry along in a beach bag or travel bag, or for those times when you need a mini mental vacation
Paige, Goodreads

Sun-Kissed Effusions is a breeze of fresh air in the hot summer sun…PERFECT!

Margie, Margie’s Must Reads

the stories in Sun-kissed will make you feel all the joy, beauty, and respite that a day spent in the sun at the beach exudes.
Kim, Goodreads

Entertaining, witty, leaves one wanting to keep reading

Teresita, Goodreads

…exquisite romance, sparkling dialogue, much hoped-for happy endings and a few surprising twists along the way.
Joanna Starnes, author of “The Falmouth Collection” and others

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