Talking About Pride, Prejudice & Secrets

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Pride, Prejudice & Secrets by C P Odom, published January 14, 2015,  just finished a successful Blog Tour.

Here’s what some reviewers had to say:

C.P.Odom has written a compelling story, giving his readers in depth insights of the events and decisions that lead them all to various places.
Sharlotte, Amazon

I stayed up till 4 a.m. to finish!!!

Joy King, Amazon

I’ve read a lot of sweet and enjoyable Pride and Prejudice variations, but this was the first one in a long time that really wowed me and made me stay up late to find out what would happen next.
Anna, Diary of an Eccentric

The twists and turns that follow this disastrous engagement, make for a rather wonderful read. I was engaged from beginning to end!!

Margie, Margie’s Must Reads

This was another “my Kindle must not leave my sight!” kind of story.
Tamara, My Kids Led Me Back to Pride and Prejudice

Pick up your own copy from Amazon or Barnes & Noble and see for yourself why people are talking about Pride, Prejudice & Secrets.