Talking About: Boots & Backpacks

Boots & Backpacks is now available on Kindle and in paperback from Amazon.  The Kindle version was published on October 30th and just finished a successful Blog Tour.


Here’s what some reviewers had to say:

…Great writing, avoiding the clichés, terrific characterization, really believable dialogue, plus that wonderful sense of Darcy and Elizabeth moving personally as the Appalachian Trail backdrop moved along.
JulietR, Amazon

This is an original, refreshing, sweet, and sexy modern variation.

RP, Amazon

I enjoyed it very much and I’d recommend it to all who love the variations of Pride and Prejudice.
Bobbie S, Amazon

A story that has everything to enjoy and have a fun time with romance, humor, love scenes, adventure, nature and a new backdrop in which our favorite Pride and Prejudice couple face their flaws and reinforce their qualities.

Natali, Warmisunqu’s Austen blog

I highly recommend this book because it is not just about a love story, but a romance about hope, about self-discovery, about redemption, about changing their own choices and their own lives, but above all a novel about nature from which it’s possible to learn a lot, first of all, that love is above all friendship.
Loren, Wings of Paper blog