Talking about A Will of Iron

Have you read A Will of Iron Yet? Those who have are enjoying this macabre farce immensely. Here’s what people are saying about it:

Bravo to Linda Beutler on writing a humorous and murderous Pride and Prejudice variation that was never boring and made my neighbor inquire this morning why I was laughing so much last night.
Ms. Jen, Goodreads

As I read on I was Rolling On the Floor Laughing.

Sheila, Goodreads

A Will of Iron is shocking and a bit gruesome, with a delightfully over the top villainess and three happy endings. I’d recommend it to anyone who enjoys some dark humor and a bit of Shakespearean twist with their Jane Austen.
Monica, Austenesque

Fabulous! This is a delightful read!

Jacqueline, Amazon

Very well written variation on the P & P theme. All seen through the eyes of Anne De Bough. I would recommend it.
Sue Fla, Amazon

  1. Suzan Lauder

    I just finished reading this novel, and it was one of those “can’t put it down” types. As an author, I was impressed by the details related to Regency life that were incorporated into the book that made it come alive. The characters were fascinating, and Linda Beutler did an excellent job of making minor characters like Anne de Bourgh and Colonel Fitzwilliam become larger than life. (Wow, two references to living for a book that… no spoilers!) The dialogue was witty and well-paced; the plot so inventive, it stands on its own among so many variations on the same theme (even if they’re great variations!); many individual themes and scenes were unique and enthralling; the mix of dark comedy/romance/angst kept the reader interested (there were literally no slow spots!); the prose was tight with excellent editing–I didn’t see one error; and the length was like everything belonging to Baby Bear. The balanced, mildly erotic romance scenes at the end were like icing on the cake. The cake on the back cover looks yummy, doesn’t it?