Souvenirs From Travels Through Fiction

We are in the business of books, and as such, usually have our noses in a book or three.  Our staff of bookworms is usually hard-pressed to focus on what’s outside of those worlds between two covers.  We’re such a book-obsessed group of people that when we do straighten up and look at the world around us, we like to be surrounded by reminders of the best parts of our favorite novels. It’s almost like getting a souvenir from the last place you visited so you can reminisce about the happy memories you made.

With that in mind, Meryton Press will not only be showcasing it’s growing library of romance and Austenesque novels at the Los Angeles Festival of Books on the weekend of April 12 and 13, but also a few book ‘souvenirs’ for those book lovers out there who are just as obsessed as us.  Above is a sampling of a few buttons, plus there will be a few Pride and Prejudice themed items designed by Janet Taylor who is also one of our cover designers.