William Darcy has always been an ambitious, single-minded man. For years, he has ignored the pleas of his sister, his aunt, and his friends to take a step back and enjoy life now and again. For Darcy, his business is life.

Until a health scare lands him in the hospital and on the aggravating end of a stream of “I told you so.”

So, he does what any rational, adult male does.

He runs away from home and into the arms of a cocktail waitress called Elizabeth.


  • The Sweetest Ruin by Amy George
  • Status Due Out January 2018

4 Responses

  1. Amy McGill
    | Reply

    I can’t wait!

  2. Claudine Pepe
    | Reply

    Sounds intriguing!!

  3. Carole in Canada
    | Reply

    Now that is unexpected! Looking forward to reading more about this one!

  4. J. W. Garrett
    | Reply

    This sounds so interesting… looking forward to reading it. Blessings on the launch.

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