Jan Hahn’s latest novel, The Child, begins following Fitzwilliam Darcy’s disastrous proposal to Elizabeth Bennet at Hunsford. Darcy flees England, striving to overcome his longing for her. Upon his return two years later, he finds the Bennet family and Elizabeth embroiled in a devastating scandal.

Darcy’s efforts to help the woman he still loves and her family only worsen their plight. His misguided pride entangles him in a web of falsehoods, fateful alliances, and danger. Will Elizabeth be able to forgive Darcy for his good intentions gone awry?

Written strictly from Darcy’s point of view, the reader shares his deepest thoughts and emotions, feels his overpowering need for Elizabeth, watches as he struggles to overcome his prejudice, and learns whether he will ever grow to love the child he never wanted.

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