Poor Mary Bennet—the classic middle-child—ignored and dismissed by her parents and four sisters. No one expects anything remarkable from her. But after her mother suddenly dies, and Mr. Yarby, the handsome new rector arrives at Longbourn, Mary decides to take steps to secure her own happiness. She will use her knowledge of the Bible to win Yarby’s heart.

At the same time, her father is forming an attachment with Amelia, the widowed older sister of the reverend Mr. Yarby, while still officially in mourning for his late wife. The two must keep their feelings hidden to avoid a scandal.

But Mr. Collins learns of their romance and, fearful of losing his inheritance if Mr. Bennet should remarry and produce a son, plots to rid Longbourn of both Mr. Yarby and Amelia. Unaware of the turmoil, Mary thinks her plan to win Mr. Yarby’s love is working. until an overheard conversation between Mr. Yarby and Amelia threatens to destroy Mary’s new-found confidence. And her next actions could ruin both her and her father’s chance for love.

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