What if Elizabeth never went to Derbyshire in the summer of 1812?

It is October of 1812. Elizabeth Bennet and her family have seen dramatic changes in the past few months—none of them welcome. Jane needs a fresh start and Elizabeth is no less eager to put the pain and confusion of refusing Mr Darcy behind her. They attend a society ball in London, only to meet the very men they are both attempting to forget.

Darcy has not seen Elizabeth since he proposed to her—and she adamantly refused him—last April. When she appears in London he is determined to gain her friendship and make amends. When a carriage accident throws them together, Darcy does all that he can to ensure that Elizabeth and her family are taken care of, and to demonstrate how much he has changed.

Though their renewed acquaintance seems to be growing into genuine friendship, the secret about her family holds Elizabeth back. As she falls deeper in love with the man she refused, does she dare tell him the truth? 

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