“At the end of the day when we are each of us lyin’ flat on our backs, lookin’ at the ceiling, and the vicar is whisperin’ in our ear, the greatest comfort we shall ’ave is to know that we loved well and were well loved in return.”

When Fitzwilliam Darcy’s father slides into an early grave, his son is forced to take on Pemberley’s mantle. Brandy numbs his pain, but Darcy’s worst inclinations run wild. After tragedy rips everything away, he spends years finding his way back: a man redeemed by a woman’s loving understanding.

Elizabeth Bennet is afflicted with a common Regency ailment: observing the world about her but not seeing those beneath her notice. Then a clarifying act shatters the propriety that has denied her heart the transcendent love she craves.

In Plain Sight explores Jane Austen’s eternal love story by flipping social roles on their heads. From their first encounter, Elizabeth Bennet and the convict known as “Smith” must overcome their prejudices and break through their pride. Only then can they share the treasure hidden in plain sight.


Don Jacobson has created a moving tale that reimagines one of the most beloved romances ever! He carries the themes of pride, prejudice, and forgiveness through the text beautifully. An original tale laced with historical details. You’ll love it!

         Elaine Owen, author of Duty Demand


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  1. Joan
    | Reply

    I like this over view of your upcoming release. I look forward to reading it this summer.

    • Meryton Press
      | Reply

      Hi Joan, we’re happy you took a look at Don’s upcoming release. You’ll see more information about it in the coming weeks. Thanks!

  2. November 2021
    | Reply

    Es ist eine tolle Geschichte. Ich habe insbesondere die Entwicklung der einzeln Aspekte geliebt, die dann zum erwartetem Ende geführt haben. Sicher war man jedoch nie. Auch wenn es nicht in meiner Muttersprache geschrieben ist, so konnte ich es doch sehr gut lesen. Ich habe es fast in einem Stück gelesen, weil ich nicht aufhören konnte. Nur als meine Augen zugefallen sind müsste ich eine Pause einlegen. Wirklich schön 💫

    • Meryton Press
      | Reply

      Computer translated – It’s a great story. I especially loved the development of the individual aspects that then led to the expected end. But one was never sure. Even if it is not written in my mother tongue, I was able to read it very well. I read it almost in one piece because I couldn’t stop. Only when my eyes shut do I have to take a break. Really nice 💫

      Thank you for commenting. We love getting your thoughts. It’s great to know how much you enjoyed this novel. Have you read this author’s Bennet Wardrobe series? They are excellent books.

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