Fitzwilliam Darcy has everything a man could ask for. A man of fortune, property, and good social standing, he is blissfully married to his wife, Elizabeth, and has a young son. With so much to live for, he is deeply shaken by a near fatal riding accident. Darcy miraculously escaped without injury, but soon he is visited by an otherworldly being, an Angel of Death, Graham. Graham insists that Darcy act as his guide for his sojourn in the world of mortals and makes it clear that refusing would have dire consequences.


Grudgingly accepting the situation, Darcy almost immediately begins to question Graham’s true motives for choosing to stay at Pemberley. Can he trust Graham’s assurance that no harm will come to his wife and child? Why does Graham insist on spending time with Elizabeth? How can Darcy possibly protect his family from an angel with superhuman powers? 


In this romantic fantasy, fans of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice get a glimpse of their favorite couple as they deal with both human and unearthly challenges. Will their extraordinary love conquer all or are the fates against them?


  • Death Takes a Holiday at Pemberley By Kelly Miller
  • Coming 2019

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