With a successful naval career and a fortune to his name, Captain Frederick Wentworth receives a hero’s welcome from his sister, Sophia’s, neighbours. However, one local resident is a source of vexation.

Years earlier, Miss Anne Elliot rejected Wentworth after she had accepted his marriage proposal the day before, thereby revealing a momentous character flaw. So why does the confounding lady continue to invade his thoughts? Anne’s unmarried state at the age of seven and twenty, her altered behaviour, and her stubborn avoidance of Wentworth elicit questions that gnaw at his composure.

Upon the advice of a respected friend, the captain re-examines the agonizing circumstances of his bitter break from Anne and comes to a novel conclusion. But fate intervenes with a freak occurrence that leaves Wentworth in fear for Anne’s life.

In this Regency Persuasion variation, Captain Wentworth is offered a second chance at love, but will he act too late?

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