Can eavesdropping change Elizabeth Bennet’s future?

What is a young lady of the Regency to do when she overhears her own mother plotting against her? When the plot involves matching the lovely Elizabeth Bennet with her unpleasant cousin Mr. Collins, sudden and drastic steps are needed.

Elizabeth’s life is also complicated by the wealthy and haughty Mr. Darcy, a guest of Mr. Bingley, the neighbourhood’s most eligible bachelor and her sister Jane’s suitor. The prideful Mr. Darcy soon departs Hertfordshire along with the Bingley party. But Mr. Bingley returns for Jane’s hand, ignoring the opposition of his sisters.

When Elizabeth’s summer excursion to the North with her aunt and uncle leads to further surprises, including a chance encounter with the high and mighty Mr. Darcy, the travellers accept an invitation to lodge at his estate. Meanwhile, her sister Lydia causes a calamity that may destroy the reputation of the Bennet family.

The gentlemen band together to search for Wickham and Lydia, but can the Bennets’ good name be restored even if the errant couple is found? Is Darcy’s attraction to this country lass with neither fortune nor connections stronger than the voices in his head? Can the mere infraction of eavesdropping truly lead to such wildly unforeseen events?

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