#MyPemberley: Spring Mountains, Nevada

Amy George's Pemberley

from The Sweetest Ruin

Pemberley doesn't appear in “The Sweetest Ruin” per se, but it didn't stop me from imagining it. In this instance, Pemberley is nestled at the foot of the Spring Mountains on the west side of Las Vegas, Nevada.

Low clouds crawl over the Spring Mountains near Las Vegas



  • It's grand without being pretentious.
  • It's simple but elegant.
  • It's homey while being sophisticated.
  • It's a place of love and magic, just like any tale that tells the story of Darcy & Elizabeth.

Fact Sheet

The fictional setting is Contemporary Las Vegas, Nevada. The actual building is located in Orem, Utah. Here's some details about the real neighborhood behind the inspiration.

Property Type: Custom-built Cabin

Location: Outskirts of Las Vegas, Nevada to the west.

Spring Mountains Info:        

The Spring Mountains National Recreational Area makes up most of the land of the Mountain Range within the Humboldt-Taiyobe National Forest and the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area.

Those lucky to have that view can rest assured it will remain undeveloped.

This mountain range is named for the number of natural springs that pepper its range.


Las Vegas is located in the basin of the Mojave Desert making it one of the sunniest, and driest, places in the US.

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5 Responses

  1. Glynis

    What an absolutely gorgeous place. I can just picture Darcy and Elizabeth with a brood of children (their own or adopted) living happily in this lovely welcoming looking home.

  2. Sheila L. Majczan

    Yes, gorgeous. Loved your story.

  3. Jan Hahn

    What a lovely, rustic Pemberley! I can see the Darcys being very happy there. Good post, Amy!

  4. Amy D'Orazio

    I think what I love about this Pemberley is it captures that harmony with nature feel! Gorgeous — I wish I could visit!

    Thanks Amy!

  5. Suzan Lauder

    Lovely version of the “country home” for the rich and famous in Nevada.