Inspiration – What Makes Us Tick?

Each one of us has moments of inspiration.  Some are inspired to create, others to action, others to thought.  You may have noticed the theme on Meryton Press’s social media recently.  We want to explore what inspires you and share what inspires us who make up Meryton Press.

Why? Well, in discussions among ourselves, we’ve found that many things cause people to be inspired – places, words, music, people.  Each one of us takes inspiration from different areas of life and the differences and similarities lead to getting to know each other, learning from others, and just plain fun discussions.

We want to share with you what inspires us, and we’re sincerely interested in knowing what inspires you.  If you’d like to share, please do so on facebook or twitter using #InspiredMPress.  We’ll be keeping an eye out for it and then reposting or retweeting your comments on inspiration.  We hope that whether or not you actively participate, you will at least get to know who we are and just maybe pass a little bit of that inspiration along.

Here’s one little interesting tidbit we’ve found from this exercise: None of us is exactly the same, but all of us on staff have one big thing in common.  We are all fans of Jane Austen (authors, editors, designers…).  Jane Austen has inspired each of us in some way. It is an evident common thread in all the novels we’ve published, but did you know that our designers and editors also find inspiration from Jane Austen’s works?  Yes, we all seem to be strangely obsessed with life in the time of the Bennets.

Are you inspired by Jane Austen too? How so? Let us know so that at the very least we’ll know it’s not a singular and weird tendency of ours.