Giveaway & Interview: The Secret Betrothal with Jan Hahn

TSBcoverThe Secret Betrothal with Jan Hahn

It is with much excitement and pleasure that I introduce today’s guest,

my dear friend Jan Hahn. Today Jan has agreed to talk to us about her newest release, The Secret Betrothal. I have been so excited about this book and its release. Ever since I first read it at DWG, I had hoped that Jan would publish it someday. For all of us readers, that day is almost here! Following are Jan’s answers to some questions that have intrigued me since that first reading. So without further delay, please join me in welcoming Jan Hahn.

Your latest book is a reworked, enlarged version of a story you wrote in 2003 called The Engagement. I’m interested in your writing process. Before you began writing, what ideas or inspiration sparked this story?

Since my first idea for the story occurred way back in 2003, I’m not sure I can remember it; however, I do know that I was intrigued by Jane Austen’s treatment of secret engagements in her books.

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Book due to be published in days.