#Free Books on @Amazon

If you are in the vicinity of Nashville, TN this weekend, join us at the Southern Festival of Books. We’ll be there with all our books, fun items, authors, and enjoying a fun day at the festival.

For those of you too far to see us in TN or going to the JASNA shindig in Louisville, KY along with Suzan Lauder and Linda Beutler, you can still enjoy the fun.

There is a Name Game book giveaway going on where one winner can choose 3 published Meryton Press books of their choice.

We are also giving away free books on Amazon over the weekend as well as doing some Countdown deals through which you might get some of our favorites for as low as $1.99.


Here is the list of books and dates as they are planned to go on sale between October 10th – 12th.

Countdown deals all weekend:

Sun-kissed 1.99 to 6:99
Aerendgast 2.99 to 7.99
Pride, Prejudice & Secrets 2.99 to 8.99


Also at Low Prices

Echoes of Pemberley
Twixt Two Equal Armies
The West Yet Glimmers
Love Then Begins
To End All Wars

Friday Free:

Bluebells in the Mourning
The Red Chrysanthemum

Saturday Free:

Boots & Backpacks
Reflections  A Tarnished Image

Sunday Free:

Longbourn to London

Please keep in mind that although we plan these things, they don’t always come through exactly as intended-days sometimes get switched or there are glitches in the system. Please make sure you check the price before downloading the books we’re anticipating as being free.

10 Responses

  1. Christina Boyd


  2. Suzan Lauder

    Darn! I just bought Sun Kissed at the regular price. It’s still a good thing since I have personal access to one of the authors here at JASNA in Louisville: Linda Beutler! I’ll have her sign her story on Saturday night at the Author signing!

    • Meryton Press

      Have fun at JASNA!

  3. Jennifer Hickling

    Cool! Already have most of these in paperback, but it’ll be nice to pick up Boots & Backpacks for kindle.

    • Meryton Press

      We’re glad there’s one more for you to enjoy!

  4. Sophia Rose

    Woots! I have these, but its still exciting to see a sale or freebies.

  5. Regina C McCaughey-Silvia

    Simply wonderful! I have a number of these titles already, but I look forward to getting those I don’t and just think it’s great others will have a chance to meet these authors through their work.
    Well done, Meryton Press!

    • Meryton Press

      Enjoy them! It’s for fans like you we make them available.

  6. tgruy

    Marvelous!!! My chance to reduce my wishlist!!!

  7. Vesper Meikle

    have most of them already in paperback but like them on my kindle as well