Fangirling for Jane

Last time I was here on the MP blog, I talked about how I fell in love with Jane Austen. Today, I want to share how I SHOW the love.

I don’t know if I’m technically a “fangirl” or not, but I do like collecting things from various fandoms. I have stuff from Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Twilight, Marvel, DC, Tolkien, Hunger Games, and multiple concert t-shirts. And of course, I have some Jane Austen stuff, too.

I’m not the sort of person to collect antiques, or go as over-the-top as Jane from Austenland (my husband wouldn’t appreciate a cardboard cut-out of Darcy in our TV room), so my love for all things JA has to come out in different ways.

The first thing I found was a PERSUASION t-shirt. A fellow writer and Canadian posted about this shirt and as soon as I saw it, I HAD to have it.


*t-shirt found on ETSY*

I mean, who doesn’t want a shirt that says “YOU PIERCE MY SOUL, I’M HALF AGONY, HALF HOPE”? It’s only one of the most romantic literary quotes EVAH.

Now here’s where I shamelessly admit I have only one other Jane Austen inspired item (not counting all the books, movies, and soundtracks of course). I just got this for Christmas and I’m so psyched to have it. It’s a book scarf with text straight from PERSUASION on it (also the famous Wentworth letter).

persuasion scarf

This scarf comes from a site called Storiarts, which makes scarves, gloves, pillows, and tees featuring different books. Another Christmas gift I received was LES MISERABLES writing gloves from Storiarts, in honour of my YA Eponine retelling.

Next on my list would be jewelry of some kind. I found a beautiful PRIDE & PREJUDICE necklace on Etsy, which might have to go on next year’s Christmas list.

What about you? Do you have any Jane Austen-inspired items that show your inner fangirl?

*PS: I swear I don’t sell these items, I just love them like crazy. 

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  1. Anngela Schroeder

    Great question, Melanie! Yes, I have a P&P addiction. I own D&E salt and pepper shakers, ornaments, JA action figures (both in pink and green Spencer’s), an “I married Mr. Darcy@ shirt, and my husband owns an “I am Mr. Darcy” shirt❤️

  2. christina

    I have Kiera Knightley & Matthew Macfadyen autographs (now framed), tote bag with Austen silhouette, a bracelet with JA quotes, a throw pillow with JA quote, 2005 P&P movie posters (framed), mini P&P book for dollhouse, “Life seems a quick succession of busy nothings” sign in laundry room, “Obstinant headstrong girl” & “I ❤️mrDarcy” T-shirts, Build-a-bear with “you have bewitched me…” lines from Matthew Macfadyen Darcy voice recording, S&S and P&P piano music, license plate holders “I’d rather be at Pemberley” and “Going to the Meryton Assembly” plus two complete regency dresses (ball gown and day dress). Probably more but that’s what I can think of…

    • Sheila L. M.

      OK, where did you get the doll house mini book? I have two granddaughters and gave one the board books and plan to give the other the board books from Emma, S&S and P&P but the older one is soooo into dollhouses right now and her birthday is fast approaching…Feb. 5th – she will be 3. So I would love to give her a mini book for one of her dollhouses. Oh and the license plate holder…where?

  3. Melanie Stanford

    Love it Anngela! Especially the t-shirts. I have a t-shirt addiction.
    And I totally meant to say SHAMEFULLY not shamelessly. I SHAMEFULLY admit I only have two JA inspired items. Oops.

  4. Lee Lu

    Slowly but surely, my stash is adding up. I have a sweatshirt, t-shirt, a few tote bags, a bracelet, a necklace, a little tray, several different editions of Jane Austen novels with an emphasis on P&P and Persuasion editions, DVD’s, soundtracks, bookmarks, notebooks, soap, button pins, air freshener, and soon a phone case. And I can’t seem to stop…

  5. Abigail

    The instant the Jane Austen Action Figures came out, I had to have one! She stands on my bedside table, pen raised like a sword, exhorting me morning and night to work.

  6. L.L. Diamond

    I have a pair of earrings that have the beginning of the Hunsford Proposal from P&P as well as a blouse. A friend gave me the Jane Austen action figure. She sits in my bookcase still in the box. I love the entire thing, including the packaging (I suppose I am strange like that.) My latest has been collecting my Regency outfits to wear at Jane Austen Regency week. I’m saving right now for my day gown, but I found a Citrine cross on Etsy that I cannot wait to wear. It isn’t quite similar to Jane or Cassandra’s, but it was the closest I could find.

    I have begun purchasing books on Jane Austen and such when I travel to different JA sites (I put a little note in them when I do.) I’ve conned myself into believing that it’s more useful than other souvenirs (*snort*). I also scour the bookshelves at the charity shops for first edition Harry Potter books as well as old copies of Jane Austen novels.

    I think I have a serious problem! Bless my husband for putting up with it!

  7. Sheila L. M.

    Besides the usual books, movies, bookmarks, magnets and tote bags I can only say I have a P&P T-shirt and a throw with the book cover that features the peacock feathers (Abigail Reynolds had a photo of that on her one blog). I am at the time of my life in which I am trying to downsize and have been giving away many items. I just don’t have the room.

    I might buy that license plate holder and that lovely scarf if I can locate on which site they are available.

    I have been buying the board books, as I mentioned to Christina. And I add to my Pinterest sites all the time so I can look at all those lovely faces, houses, quotes, etc. as often as I please.

  8. Suzan Lauder

    Until I started thinking about it, I didn’t think I had that much stuff, in comparison with what I’ve adored on Etsy! But little bits here and there add up.

    Another JAFF author gave me two cool gift bags she made herself, with my book cover on them. I made a little display on the top of my bookcase with them, a voting paddle from the JASNA AGM, my JASNA AGM author’s table poster, a container with a fan of a few dozen Austen-related and other cool bookmarks (most from the AHA card exchanges), some shells from Ramsgate courtesy of Leslie Diamond to celebrate my latest word, and my Jane Austen Action figure. Like Leslie’s, it’s still in the box. Not sure why, but I like that box.

    The AHA card exchanges means I have more than a dozen fridge magnets, some commercial and some homemade with photos of various gentlemen. Mr. Darcy holds up all my family and friends’ Christmas photos!

    My phone case is a Charles Brock drawing from P&P, the same as my Meryton Reading Room icon. Our local library did a promo with Austen wearing headphones and an iPod, so I have a tote bag and T-shirt. I also got a scarf with “You pierce my soul, &c” from a close friend. I keep an old quotes calendar from DH for the Belle Assemblee drawings, and I know there’s something from him back home that didn’t make it to Victoria before we left for Mexico for three months! Then of course, there’s the book bead and pencil crayon bracelet I designed for Alias Thomas Bennet–it matches ones my editor, artist, and mom own.

    The gift I think is super-cool isn’t one I have; one of my betas gave this to another close friend. And authors’ friends, pay attention: an Etsy vendor will put some text from your novel, in Austen’s handwriting, on an infinity scarf!

    • L.L. Diamond

      Oooh! I love the infinity scarf with the words of your choice on it. The problem would be deciding what to use!!!

  9. Suzan Lauder

    I forgot the tote bags! We joke that Mr. Darcy is there when we forgot to bring a shopping bag, as I keep a lightweight one a friend brought back from Bath in my purse. I also won a Hunsford proposal one on a blog, with a candle, notebook, and more fridge magnets–these ones came to Mexico.

  10. Melanie Stanford

    Wow, I’ve got some catching up to do!!! You ladies have given me tons of great gift ideas for sure. I think first on my list would be the “Obstinate headstrong girl” tee.
    And I love the idea of having your own writing put on a scarf!

  11. Sophia Rose

    I mostly have multiple copies of her books, swag from authors, calendars, and note cards, but I do keep a Pinterest shelf of all the stuff I would love to have so I know I’m capable of fangirling with the best of them. Love your stuff and fun post, Melanie!

  12. Erin

    I have a scarf from Storiarts that has the text from P&P and a jacket that says “I married my Mr. Darcy”.

    I have that Etsy shop bookmarked so I can give “hints” to my husband for Mother’s Day. I would also love a coffee mug that has the JA quote “An artist cannot do anything slovenly.” I think I may have seen that one on Etsy, also.