Elizabeth Bennet is sequestered for her own protection in her Aunt and Uncle Gardiner’s house in Gracechurch Street. Although recovered from grievous injuries, she still suffers the effects of a dreadful bout of amnesia, with strange, angry voices in her head and recollections incongruent with those of everyone else, even those who love her. She can barely stand it!

Mr. Darcy wonders what happened to Elizabeth after he last saw her at Lambton. Unable to discover more than rumours, he is pained to know of the taunting and torment she endures in Meryton because of her mental impairment. Yet how is he to restore his romance with Elizabeth when he has been forbidden contact with her?

Which of the inequalities of her memory bear the closest resemblance to the truth? Why do the Gardiners insist on alternate versions of the important facts? What of Mr. Wickham and Lydia’s elopement and Mr. Darcy’s generosity? Who attacked her so brutally to have caused lasting injuries, and is she still in danger? Elizabeth simply cannot remember.


  • Coming 2019

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  1. Sharon Legg
    | Reply

    Oh! This sounds fascinating! Can’t wait.

  2. Suzan Lauder
    | Reply

    Thanks, Sharon! Watch for the promotions in early 2019.

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