Austen Anti-Love Protest

What?!? Yep, you read it correctly. I’m going on an Austen Anti-Love protest. Okay, not really. I love romance as much as the next guy, but I decided that I wanted to turn the spot light from the popular love … Read More

#JaneWithATwist: Mr. Knightley’s Wassail

First, let’s set the mood, shall we?        “Oh! Mr. Knightley, one moment more; something of consequence — so shocked! Jane and I are both so shocked about the apples!” “What is the matter now?” “To think of … Read More

#JaneWithATwist: Strawberries for Emma

  “You had better explore to Donwell,” replied Mr. Knightley. “That may be done without horses. Come, and eat my strawberries. They are ripening fast.” – Emma, Chapter 42 In anticipation of the 200th anniversary of the publication of Emma this week (December 25th, … Read More

How I Fell In Love

Hey, everyone! Melanie Stanford, here, and this is my very first post for the MP blog. My short story, BECOMING FANNY, appears in the holiday anthology THEN COMES WINTER, and I also have a PERSUASION retelling coming December 29th titled … Read More

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