Winner of a silver IPPY award 2011

In the spring of 1917, war fever swept across the United States like a prairie fire, catching young David Bellamy in its grip. ‘…to end all wars’ follows him on his quest for excitement and adventure to France, where he meets an intriguing young woman with a sorrowful past. Although away from the heat of battle, David soon discovers there is much to interest him by way of a French war widow, the thoughtful, serious, and complicated Sophie Montigny. As their friendship—and attraction for one another—grows, they find themselves at a crossroads, and when David accepts a transfer to the front, he must face the horrific realities of war head on.

Author Gail McEwen masterfully depicts the blood and heart-pounding horrors of the trenches and yet she also manages to keep the heart pounding with the compelling love story of two people caught in its wake. War is horrible – World War 1 will particularly stand out as a meaningless waste – but the human spirit is indestructible. This novel is a charming testament to that truth.