2013 Silver Medal Benjamin Franklin Award finalist for best new voice with the IBPA (Independent Book Publishers Awards)

A tragic plane crash eight years earlier has left Catherine Elizabeth
Darcy orphaned and in the custody of her overly protective brother,
Bennet. Since then, her life at Pemberley Estate — the Darcy’s
ancestral home in Derbyshire, England — has been sheltered and
lacking adventure of any kind.
When 16-year-old Catie arrives home for her school holiday, she
is expecting another long, boring summer of daydreaming and
whiling away warm afternoons reading the romance novels her
brother calls “rubbish.” What she discovers, however, is a handsome
yet insufferable Irishman named Sean Kelly, her summer riding
instructor. Coupled with an intriguing and mysterious WWI-era
diary, which she finds hidden in the window seat of her bedroom,
Catie Darcy’s summer soon proves to be anything but boring.