A Pre-Blog Tour Moment with Amy D’Orazio

With the blog tour for A Short Period of Exquisite Felicity less than a week away, Amy D’Orazio has given us a moment of her time to answer a few quick questions about her two novels. This is just a … Read More

#MyPemberley: Biltmore Mansion

  My Pemberley In the fictional world of Jane Austen and Amy D’Orazio A Short Period of Exquisite Felicity 1 What is #MyPemberley? Every Austen fan envisions the locations in Pride and Prejudice a little differently. Some of us are … Read More

What is New Adult?

      What does it mean and how does it fit Pride & Prejudice?   1 Guest Post from Audrey RyanRyan explains how New Adult fits Austen so well. When I set out to write All the Things I … Read More

A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes

By Anngela Schroeder Society has misinterpreted the intelligence of young girls.  It believes that Disney Princesses and their ‘love stories’ were detrimental to our development as independent, strong women because of the focus on them being “saved” by the princes.  … Read More

What inspired the meteoric rise in Austen-Inspired Novels?

The latest JAFF fuss is about some kind of “bubble” and suggestions that soon, the meteoric trend of JAFF sales will reverse itself. The belief is that the 200th anniversaries and the adaptations drive the market. I disagree. The oldest … Read More

A road trip to Madame Gilflurt’s blog: My guest post on sneaky Regency hands.

I clicked the wrong link. There was a Jane Austen ball being held in Calgary, Alberta, Canada during the early days of posting the Thrift Shop Regency Costume Experiment, and I wanted to message the organizer. But I accidentally clicked … Read More

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