Mary Crawford. The Original Cosmo Girl?

Mary Crawford…a cosmo girl? That complex, charming, antagonist from Mansfield Park? Sure. And why not? To me, her tractable morals make a far more congenial drinking buddy, I mean, compelling literary character than the novel’s heroine, Fanny Price. Over the holiday break, … Read More

#JaneWithATwist: Mr. Knightley’s Wassail

First, let’s set the mood, shall we?        “Oh! Mr. Knightley, one moment more; something of consequence — so shocked! Jane and I are both so shocked about the apples!” “What is the matter now?” “To think of … Read More

#JaneWithATwist: Strawberries for Emma

  “You had better explore to Donwell,” replied Mr. Knightley. “That may be done without horses. Come, and eat my strawberries. They are ripening fast.” – Emma, Chapter 42 In anticipation of the 200th anniversary of the publication of Emma this week (December 25th, … Read More

#JaneWithATwist : Happy Birthday!

      “The winter of 1775 was a hard one. On 11 November the naturalist Gilbert White saw that the trees around his Hampshire village of Selbourne had lost almost all their leaves. “Trees begin to be naked,” he … Read More

#JaneWithATwist : A Restorative

    From Jane to Cassandra, written Nov. 20-21, 1800 “—I believe I drank too much wine last night at Hurstbourne; I know not how else to account for the shaking of my hand today;—You will kindly make allowance for … Read More

Let’s Have a Ball!

Dateline Netherfield Park, 26 November 2015 or 1811 But what to serve your guests!? It hinges upon, one supposes, just how intoxicated you want them to become? On a cold night, we might at least serve negus to warm and … Read More

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